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December 10, 2012

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Dale, who writes the comics.

A Lesson Is Learned

Hello Readers!

Welcome back! When A Lesson Is Learned started it was just a small comic. Then, for a while, it stopped being a comic and once again simply became the abiding principle by which I live my life. Now it is also a comic again!

As usual, David has done a transcendent job with the art and I think this is one of our best episodes by far! Thanks to all the fans who've been supportive of the series over the years. Without your urging to make new comics we probably would have been all like pssh whatever.

Also, upon request we've re-opened THE SHOP! Now you can buy prints of select classic ALILBTDIIs as well as the new episode "I Name Thee Annihilator!"! There's a limited number of prints for sale so, as always, I suggest you act  immediately with absolutely no hesitation. There's more information on the shop's blog and FAQ page. Many thanks to David's dad, Jesse Hellman, for first and foremost, co-creating David, and second for lending his years of photography experience to the project! The prints are gorgeous and incredibly high quality and that's all due to him!

If you're interested in other things that I write or have written in the past five years, here's a short list:


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David, who draws the comics.

But The Damage Is Irreversible

When Dale and I called time out from A Lesson Is Learned in 2006, I had no idea if there would ever be another episode. After 41 restlessly changing installments, it seemed the experiment had run its course. There were new challenges to tackle, creative and professional. Dale and I had moved to different cities on different coasts. And yet about a year ago, thanks to the advent of telephonic communication, we started talking about bringing back A Lesson Is Learned. At least one time…

So five and a half years later, here's the new episode, "I Name Thee Annihilator!". It's a real ALILBTDII. Dale's script is, in my opinion, one of his best. Hilarious, poignant, and full of clever symmetries. Doing the art felt just like the old days. I found myself right back in that world of dread and whimsy (dreadsywhim).

Even to this day we hear from readers who want to buy prints of the back catalog. So to thank all of you for still caring after all these years, we're offering a limited run of a handful of the most popular and best episodes as high quality giclée prints. Looking back at the Gun of True Love, the yeti episode, the one with The Devil, and Ghost Dog, I feel that Annihilator fits right in. Which is pretty cool.

I want to thank my dad, Jesse Hellman, for producing this limited run of prints of archival prints. He's as big a fan of ALIL as there is, so we're very honored to receive his generous assistance.

For those who may not have heard from me in five and a half years, you can follow my more recent exploits at davidhellman.net, and on my Facebook page where I always post news. I'm also active on Twitter as @davidhellman.

Last month I ran a Kickstarter with writer Tevis Thompson to produce a comic book called Second Quest. The Kickstarter is over, but late next year you should be able to buy the finished book if you aren't already on board.

So thank you Dale, thank you Dad, thank you readers! We had an awesome time with this new story and hope you really love it. Dale and I have some more ideas bubbling, so I feel pretty comfortable saying that the next ALIL will arrive in less than five and a half years.


P.S. Happy Birthday Dale!!!!

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(c) David Hellman and Dale Beran 2005