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September 4, 2004

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David and Dale were at the 2005 Mocca Art Festival in NYC June 10 and 11th.

A Lesson Is Learned has been nominated in a bunch of categories in 2005 Cartoonists Choice Awards.

Dale has written a review for Mcsweeney’s in their Reviews of New Food section.


Interviewed by Xenex.org, David and Dale reveal their true ugly natures.

Dale has contributed to Ryan North's collaborative web comic project, Whispered Apologies.


Christopher B. Dino has kindly reviewed our comic in his blog, Totally Jawesome.

Here A Lesson Is Learned is discussed in a lively debate over conceptual webcomics.

There is a review of A Lesson Is Learned in The Webcomics Examiner.



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Archaic creature climbs out of primordial ooze. Dreams of new life for disgusting ooze covered family.

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Dale, who writes the comics.

sifting sands/
incredible demands/
keep your balls to wall/
please enjoy these snacks and treats at the back of the hall

Good morning readers,

Well, on an ancient pirate ship in the secret cavern I am sifting my fingers through the gold pieces that are mine.

I hope you are all doing well. If you are a new reader, understand now that you've reached a special pivoting point in your life which circles in slow orbit around Damage Irreversible, updated weekly.

You have ordered your pizza and now it arrives and has no toppings but DAMAGE!

No more wandering friend. Be at peace! I rest my hand on your shoulder. You are released.

You may tip the delivery boy, Paypal, at the bottom of the page.

And now:

Here are some of my thoughts on the Republican National Convention expressed in a Platonic dialogue with characters made out of desserts.

[It's a cool day as fall breaks through the heat of a tempestuous summer. The leaves on the trees bend where a fresh wind spends its energy. Dale walks along one of the streams that leads from Athens to its harbor, Piraeus, with three delicious desserts interested in inquiry, the young Mr. Crumble-Cookie, Over-Educated Jampot, and Cheesecake Jake. The landscape yellows in the evening sun.]

Mr. Crumble-Cookie: Dale, can virtue be taught?

Dale: Did any of you see Bush's speech last night?

Cheesecake Jake: No, I just try to ignore those things.

Over-Educated Jampot: I saw the first half. It made me so angry.

Dale: How so?

Over-Educated Jampot: I was disturbed by the sub-text of violence that permeated the speeches, and the callous disregard of the destruction of human life for the sake of nationalism and a sense of insecurity that arises from fear. Most notably Zell Miller's speech, which made explicit some of the violent fantasies that exist in insecurity and a stoked culture of fear, disaffected me. It was like a dog nibbling on its own ass.

Dale: However, the press served the Democracy in this instance, swiftly pressing him to explain his more ill-informed statements. When he said,

"Motivated more by partisan politics than by national security, today's Democratic leaders see America as an occupier, not a liberator. And nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops occupiers rather than liberators."

The press pointed out Bush and Cheney have both been documented numerous times referring to the invasion of Iraq as an "occupation".

Over-Educated Jampot: Yes. They also brought up Cheney's numerous votes against military spending in response to Miller's assertion that John Kerry votes against such spending. However, Miller's only response was to challenge his interviewer to an 18th century duel. This seemed representative to me of the blood which gushed through the convention hall.

Dale: And what of the invocation of religion?

Over-Educated Jampot: This also worries me quite often. All the progress of the enlightenment thinkers, including the framers of our constitution, seems to be being unwoven as people inevitably forget. Recently, it has come to light that the "office of faith-based initiative" Bush established in front of a rainbow coalition of rabbis and Muslim clerics, has given money only to right wing Christian organizations since its inception. Disregarding the question of constitutionality, this means this office's only purpose has been to grant billions of federal tax dollars to Christian "non-profit" organizations. Thousands of Christian missionaries are spreading through impoverished and desperate areas of the world funded by our government. This seems beyond archaic. However, if this is what the majority of our democracy would want, then it's what they'll receive.

Dale: Jampot, I fear you are being too elitist. It seems more likely the people are uncertain and confused.

Mr. Crumble-Cookie: Well I know I didn't like how they exploited 9-11, that was totally gross. My cousin was a Creme-Brule at Windows on the World. And he burned to death the day of those terrible attacks!

Dale: Well, it turns out many of those out-of-town republicans who came to express their immense feelings about 9-11 through Bush's own appropriation of the event were served their celebratory drinks by employees of Windows on the World who, while busing tables amidst these themes, silently relived the annihilation of all their co-workers just a few years ago.

Cheesecake Jake: I hope Bush gets nut cancer!

Dale: Cheesecake, that's hardly a valid criticism.

Cheesecake Jake: Still!

Mr. Crumble-Cookie: I contain nuts! Walnut and Acadamia!

Over-Educated Jampot: Don't you mean Macadamia?

Mr. Crumble-Cookie: No.

All: Ahahahaha!

[the end!]



Having studied code breaking in my youth, and being fond of mathematics, I have decoded the alien message labeled SHGb02+14a, and have decided to post it here on Lesson first!

Dearest Dale and David,

We have been monitoring your communications for some time. Plastic is like gold to us. And though we have been unable to replicate it in laboratory conditions, we have found that your planet holds a rich natural supply! It is for this reason that we must burn it in to a smoking glass marble after stripping it of its treasure! We will be taking 100 of your earth women to dance for us in our Sexy Royal Alien Ballet after we have our disgusting alien way with them, and you two, to make for us your Sexy Royal Alien Webcomics, after we have our sexy alien way with you.

After this very recent display on your part of partisan whining, I'm sure you won't object! Also the techniques we employ will be---

[the rest is personal]

Your fearsome alien friend,

Meowmix Xyrlzx


If we were to stay on your planet where the air we breathe is green like poison to us, then here my mask will protect me. It will collect the rays of your horrible sun and make them energy for my life. Searching the translucent caves I will understand you bright creatures, finding the deepest and subtle crevices in your tunnel system with gloved hands.

When I take a mate, though incompatible, communication will be pressed in to her jelly mind by a frequency of my choosing! There will be no compromises!

I am afraid but curious!

Your trembling note,


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David, who draws the comics.

As Soon As This Is Done, I Transform!

In heaven, people read magazines and call back friends who left messages on their cell phones. They love pumpkin flavor and hate when clothes are overpriced. People in heaven look like you and me, but they are crying inside.

Love, David


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