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April 11, 2005

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Dale, who writes the comics.

And what did they do then?

I know, after some time, their faces grew watery and dark, but an extraordinary light shone through.

The sun curled around the volcano and the wind grew cold. However, their smoldering brows felt the burden of heat and in their memories their hands were still open and touching the cool sides of their homes to peek at the form of their love.


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David, who draws the comics.

A thing I make will redeem me, will swallow my ghost like a melting pill. This thing I make will breathe me in, wave off into space and exhale into the milky way... Then wiggle backwards back to earth, take my place in this sun-angled room before the pen rolls off the edge of the desk.


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(c) David Hellman and Dale Beran 2005