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July 17, 2004

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Dale, who writes the comics.

I’m still getting used to writing in a box with animals having tea at the bottom.

I have to say by all accounts Thursday’s launch was a raging sucess, burning through the countryside like an unstoppable monster. The forums, too, are already a percolating pot of discussion and dissent, nothing short of an intellectual renaissance! Soon we’ll
be ready to sell out! As you’ve noticed, some changes have been made.

Those of you I have told about this site, yet have not visited and posted in the forums: I am very disappointed in you and we are no longer friends.

your pal,


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David, who draws the comics.

Ho conosciuto una ragazza Italiana di Spoleto che si chiama Irene.

Welcome to the second installment of ALILBTDII, notable for preceding all other installments, with the exception of the first. In coming years, it will surely be cited as the episode which paved the way for number three. Episode four will mark the maturation of the series' distinct sensibility, while five will be hailed by most as an unqualified masterpiece, a clear high water mark. Number six will signal the series' decline, marred by excessive swearing, heavy-handed political remarks, and binge drinking. Number seven will in some respects restore the series to its former potency, although long-time readers will still bemoan the absence of that unquantifiable something which made the early episodes so vibrant. Critics will accuse us of cynical complacency, attributed to the quickly-earned notoriety for which we were not emotionally prepared. It will be a ruddy autumn.

This is the first episode with me. I'm at my computer, and Dale's working on the comic, and we have a little conversation. There's a humor element.

I promise we won't refer to the comic in every comic. I'm not saying that this is the last time, but we won't do it every time.

People ask us, "where do you get ideas?" and I usually say, "in the bathtub." The truth is, many of our ideas we steal --- from reality. For example, episode one was a real conversation that happened. Dale remembered it and wrote it down, and then I drew it. This episode is based on an afternoon stroll I enjoyed in the lovely hilltown of Spoleto, Italy with a girl named Irene. Her name has at least one more syllable in Italian than in English, which is one of the benefits of living there. Unfortunately, I don't speak any Italian, except "caldo," which I mainly use to mean "please heat my sandwich." Irene knows some English, but the day we took our walk, she had been up all night studying, and her English wasn't working so well. So we could hardly communicate, but at least thanks to that I don't think we noticed anything unlikeable about each other. Honestly, it was a really nice time --- so thanks, Irene. By the way, Spoleto is totally beautiful, and I recommend everyone go, although not at the same time, because that would ruin it. You've got to get lost and meet strangers.

Since a lot of things about the site, like our menu, aren't done yet, I'll just remind people to please visit our bulletin boards, where you can meet interesting people from all over the world, through the internet.

Feedback is welcome. Expect a lot more, very soon.


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