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November 20, 2004

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Dale, who writes the comics.

Straightening the crook

Hello readers. We're straightening out. Look, a new comic like it were changing the sheets on our bed.
Feeding the hand that bites us.

A weekly schedule returns.

(I swear to you I'm not lying.)

Next week I hope to have another story up. I think this week's comic is about pettiness, in all its forms. All four. Is a rhododendron a flower or a shape?
sorry. for the rush.

your friend,


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David, who draws the comics.

Dale is right.

I'm writing this upstairs during my grandmother's birthday party. Relatives who have bounded across the open plains to be here for this special evening are relieved to stand upright and hold wine glasses while they converse. In moments I will be among them; now I bleong only to you, my readership, my raisin of etre, my everything, my tout les jours, my infinity, my spelling bee.

The wine agrees with my good mood and I smile to assure you with certainty and something less definite how happy it makes me to post this new comic but a week after the last one. Yes, we are back on a weekly updating schedule, and will remain so until the earth yawns and swallows us both. You will be informed.

SAM AND FUZZY. We have contributed a comic to www.samandfuzzy.com which we hope you will enjoy as much as our own official new comic. That's two new comics in one week! How good we are to you.

Our numerically-inclined readers will note that the ALILBTDII death toll has doubled this week!

WEB COMICS EXAMINER. This fine publication has reviewed our comic and the results are magnanimous! Read their site and be glad.

I'm going back to the party now!


P.S. If you contacted me regarding a link exchange but haven't yet been added to our links page, please e-mail me again! Sorry.

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